Конструкция инфракрасного обогревателя Construction of radiant panels

Construction of BILUX Far wave heaters Bilux designed for fast and comfortable heating various premises due to radiant energythermal spectrum of the sun. The heating temperature of the plate heater reaches about 250C, at a temperature of almost 90% is converted into a stream of long-wave heat rays (infrared) spectrum of divergent cone with vertex 110 degrees for radiant plates (PETN). And only 10% goes to heating the air in contact with the heater. Heat rays heat the floor and objects that are on it, and from them, in turn, heats the air. This means that you will always haveheated floors and warm air that fills the entire space of the room immediately, in contrast to the convective cells,where warm air rises along the walls, first up and with all the cold air accumulates at the bottom.